Trekking to lago della Vacca (2353 m a.s.l.)

The hike to lago della Vacca (the “lake of Cow”) is a classic one day walking trail for locals and tourists.

From Bienno the first option to reach the lago della Vacca is to take Crocedomini SP 345 road to Bazena (1800 m a.s.l.) where your car can be left. Walk up the path marked with trail signs 1 to Val Fredda. From Val Fredda pass (2321 m a.s.l)  an almost flat path will bring you to lago della Vacca/Rifugio Tita Secchi.  The walk takes 3 hours at least.

The second option to reach the lake is to go to Crocedomini pass, take the left road to Bagolino/lake Idro, reaching in a few kilometers Malga Cadino. Leave your car here and take the easy mule track to lago della Vacca, following the trail signs 19. The walk takes less than 2 hours.

Near lago della Vacca there is Tita Secchi refuge (Rifugio Tita Secchi),  a mountain shelter with basic facilities for hikers such as a small restaurant with traditional dishes and homemade cakes.

The surrounding mountains are sedimentary, intrusive and metamorphic rocks that prove the geologic history of our planet. This heterogeneity offer a vegetation of great interest, a world of rocks, small peat bogs are home to cotton-grass, sphagnum and mosses, small endemic plants such as Fritillaria and the European Alpine Primorose.

This trail is for hikers, therefore requires a certain sense of orientation, some experience and knowledge of mountain terrain and a good level of fitness for walking, as well as equipment and footwear.

CURIOSITY: from lago della Vacca the trail NUMBER 1 ALTA VIA DELL’ADAMELLO continues for 65 km and a minimum of a week walking, through high mountains and places of great natural and environmental importance, all within the boundaries of the Adamello ParkNB After lago della Vacca the trail is for expert hikers only.

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