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29° Bienno’s Art&Crafts Exhibition

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 29th Bienno’s Art&Crafts Exhibition (Mostra Mercato Bienno) Bienno’s Exhibition (Mostra Mercato Bienno), is one of the main events in Italy related to art and crafts that takes place a few hundred meters from our B&B. The 29th Mostra Mercato Bienno is held in the historic city center. Indeed, Bienno is one of the I Borghi [...]

Bienno’s Art&Crafts Exhibition

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Bienno's Art&Crafts Exhibition (Mostra Mercato Bienno) The Mostra Mercato Bienno is one of the major artisan and artist exhibition in Italy that, this year, will reach the 29th edition and will be held in our village from 24th August to 1st  September, 2019. You can visit the Mostra Mercato Bienno in the following opening hours: [...]